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It’s hard to put into words how important and meaningful Erica was in the joyful birth of our daughter. From the moment we met, her radiant warmth shone - even through zoom - and I felt instantly connected to her vibe and attitude toward birthing. My goal was to have a birth with as minimal medical intervention as realistically possible, and as a first time birthing parent, I knew I would value Erica’s experience and knowledge in the delivery room.


Throughout the weeks leading up to birth and delivery, she was checking in and providing words of encouragement on days that felt too long and too hot to be so pregnant. When I went into active labor, Erica came to our home and gently guided by husband and I through contractions and made sure to take care of *both* of us as labor progressed. She was such a calming presence in our home, it truly felt like she was part of our growing family.


I have no doubt that Erica’s guidance and knowledge kept me laboring at home for as long as I was able to, and we arrived at the hospital nearly ready to push. Her presence and guidance among the medical staff was beautiful - she really was valued as an equal and her opinion carried so much weight for me.


In the middle of pushing - which I was able to confidently do without an epidural, a goal she and I discussed several times prior to labor - I saw her calm and beautiful face, telling me just four more pushes. Lo and behold, her instinct was correct - our beautiful daughter was born after those four pushes.


Erica was there for all of us to ensure my daughter’s birth was joyful and as calm as possible. She was also there postpartum to check on our little family of three, and gave us tips on breastfeeding and continues to check in on us. I cannot stress enough how much Erica feels like family.

Erica is absolutely amazing! 


As somebody who was very open to getting an epidural, I spent most of my pregnancy thinking I didn’t even want a doula. But as my due date neared, I became increasingly anxious about the pain of labor, and my husband and I decided to engage Erica who came recommended by a doula friend. 


We instantly liked her. She is unbelievably warm and empathetic and she brings a very grounding presence to every interaction. Over the course of our initial meetings, she made us feel safe and  boosted our confidence as we geared up for the delivery. 


During the labor, she kept us calm, talking through our options with us as we approached each stage. She also used massage techniques to help me through contractions which I found to be a surprisingly effective way of managing the discomfort.


But what I didn’t realize is what a life saver she would be after we were home. The first few days at home were so scary and stressful. I had gotten no sleep and breastfeeding was painful and overwhelming. Erica came over to our apartment and turned our world around. She drew up a practical sleep schedule for us that would help me get some rest. She found a way to completely heal my nipples in just 48 hours and taught me better holds and positions to avoid further nipple damage. And most importantly she made us feel like capable parents and assured us that we had a support system in her if we needed it. I cannot say how valuable and utterly world-shifting this was for us. 


I couldn’t imagine a better, kinder, more nurturing person to share this experience with us. THANK YOU, ERICA! 

     "Erica has the perfect demeanor for a doula. Her presence is very warm and calming, and my husband and I got such a great feeling from the first time we talked with her!

     This was our first child, and we really didn't know what to expect. We wanted someone to help navigate the medical system and advocate for us, and Erica did this perfectly. She listened carefully to our goals and concerns and helped us develop a birth plan. Before and during the birth, Erica helped me to feel confident and capable. I felt like I was in control during my labor and delivery, which is exactly what I wanted. She was also easily available via phone in the weeks leading up to and after the birth, and answered all of my questions as they came up.

     Labor progressed very quickly for me and Erica came on short notice, and was so flexible as our birth plan and needs changed. She helped me to feel calm as contractions worsened and as I started to push. When I was exhausted and so sure I couldn't do it, Erica was very encouraging. She also took the most beautiful photos of my husband and I with our new baby in the delivery room! It was so helpful to have Erica with us at the hospital, since she knew what our hopes for the birth were, and knew we wanted to avoid unnecessary interventions. She also helped start breastfeeding right after delivery, and my daughter had such an easy time latching and feeding after that. Erica was exactly what we had hoped for when we first decided to work with a doula - someone knowledgeable and calm to help us handle the stress and unexpected parts of birth." -M.T

     "We truly cannot imagine our birth without Erica. From our first conversation, her warmth, support and compassion came through in every aspect of our work with her. In an interview - before we’d decided to move forward with her, my wife mentioned her history with pelvic floor tension, which was a big cause of anxiety heading into the birth. This wasn’t a subject Erica was familiar with, but she took it as an opportunity to grow her own experience and help us, reaching out to a mentor and doing research about the topic, and sending us resources and exercises to help. This was before we’d even hired her!

     Our first meeting with her was a joyous conversation about creating our birth plan. She used a visual, icon-based birth plan which was clear, provided lots of information, and was fun - all of which were very appreciated by our midwife and nursing staff! Throughout, Erica focused her attention on our goals and desires for the birth, and tailored her work to give us the best support for what we wanted. When we went into labor late at night, Erica was immediately available by phone and text, offering support, cheerleading, and helping to give context for what we were experiencing. We had a very fast and short labor - from water breaking to baby in 9 hours - which was quite intense and scary for much of the time. Even remotely, Erica checked in regularly, kept us calm, and supported us. When she joined us at the hospital for active labor, her positivity, compassion, and experience immediately lifted our morale and helped us prepare for the final push (literally). She immediately offered positive words, soothing physical massage and comfort to my very-much-in-labor-pain wife, and lifted my spirit and helped me focus to be fully present for my wife. In addition to keeping us both calm, strong, and supported through an intense labor, Erica captured incredible photos of us and the baby throughout the birth, as well as moments that neither my wife nor I remembered until Erica reminded us! We’ll cherish those images and memories forever.

     At our postpartum visit, she helped us process the intensity of the birth, and took extra steps to help my wife heal, brewing a custom sitz bath. Throughout the entire process, Erica filled our experience with warmth, generosity, deep care, and deep knowledge. We could not recommend her more strongly to anyone seeking a doula to support their birth!"- J&R. K

(birthing person):  We actually had not met Erica prior to her attending our birth because she was the back-up for our doula who was not available because we had an unplanned urgent induction 3 weeks before our due date due to concern for evolving preeclampsia. But Erica expertly joined us and it felt totally natural and wonderful to have her there -even in the midst of processes that felt altogether unnatural she provided such a calm, warm and validating care. Erica helped guide us through times that got scary as we came very close to an emergent C section and celebrated with us when we managed to avoid that and welcome our daughter to the world! It is clear that she has a natural gift for this work and comfort in it as she so seamlessly joined our team and offered very welcome forms of support including music, massage, help with positioning, even without knowing us or our personalities or preferences prior. 

(partner): As is the case with many births, ours had many surprises, which is intimidating for a first time parent. From the moment Erica came to the hospital I felt at ease. Her presence is warm and comforting. During the birthing process she regularly checked in with us, answered all of our many questions with a clear understanding of our stress level, and offered food, water and massage at all the right moments. She even took pictures when big moments were happening and our hands were tied! I was especially grateful for Erica gently moving my hands to Marissa’s head to be a comfort to her in moments when I was both overtired and overwhelmed- these subtle adjustments were so welcome and helped me to be my best in a new and difficult experience. 

     "We found Erica when we were having a difficult time. I had just had an unplanned c-section and we were heading home with little support, feeling emotionally and physically depleted. This was our first baby and we were daunted by the steep learning curve ahead. When Erica arrived, everything improved immediately. She patiently talked me through breastfeeding, suggested helpful positions, tips to avoid common issues, and gave constant encouragement. Erica cooked tasty meals, ensured I stayed hydrated, and helped me find time to shower and go for walks. She cared for my mind and my body, offering words of support and an understanding ear when she found me in tears, giving me massages and foot rubs, and even helped with gently removing my bandages when the doctor gave the all clear.

Erica never told us what to do and never made us feel judged around our choices as parents, yet when asked, freely offered her vast knowledge and thoughtful perspective, patiently answering every little question we had about newborns, from sleep to feeding and everything in between. She found creative solutions, re-purposing what we already had to manage the difficulty of the day. I always slept well when Erica was over because I saw that she cared for our baby the same way she cared for our family - with genuine affection, kindness and warmth. My wish for any parent is to work with a doula like Erica."

From the moment we began our prenatal meetings with Erica, I felt an immense sense of relief and confidence building within me. She provided comprehensive education about the birthing process, which significantly eased my fears and uncertainties. Her patience and clear explanations during our discussions were invaluable, as she answered all my questions thoroughly. This not only informed me but also bolstered my confidence about the birth. Moreover, Erica's guidance was crucial in helping us make informed choices, leading us to avoid unnecessary medical interventions. Her approach was both respectful and empowering, ensuring that the decisions we made were in line with our preferences and needs.


Erica's personality was the cherry on top of her professional expertise. Her soothing and calming presence made every interaction pleasant and reassuring. She has this incredible ability to create a serene and comforting atmosphere, which was especially appreciated during moments of stress or doubt. Her perfect blend of knowledge, warmth, and calmness not only provided me with a beautiful birth experience but also left me with fond and cherished memories of the entire journey. Erica's support and care were instrumental in making our birthing experience as empowering and fulfilling as it was.

As a husband, I was initially nervous about the idea of involving a doula in our birthing process. However, I can now confidently say that Erica's presence was invaluable and exactly what we needed to feel secure and confident in our birth plan. I was amazed by her dedication; she stayed with us for over 19 hours, ensuring that both my wife and I were comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. Her ability to work harmoniously with our doctor, while still being a strong advocate for my wife's needs, was truly impressive. She struck the perfect balance, being respectful of boundaries but also assertive when necessary.


Erica's impact on my wife during labor was nothing short of extraordinary. She provided calming reassurance, teaching her breathing techniques and offering tools and resources that helped her navigate the intensity of labor. Her presence was a soothing force, and she had an incredible way of calming my wife during the most challenging moments. Her role extended beyond just support for my wife; she was a coach, cheerleader, and advocate for both of us. Her words of affirmation and encouragement were not only what my wife needed to hear, but they were also a source of strength for me. Erica's support and guidance were instrumental in making our birthing experience as positive and empowering as it was.

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